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We Strive To Positively Impact All Lives…
both human and equine

Located just outside of Clayton, NC, Star Ridge Stables offers a welcoming and friendly atmosphere for riders of all experience levels.  Our 37 acre facility has over a dozen open pastures, with run-in shelters, 20 spacious stalls, two outdoor riding arenas, conditioned break and viewing area, tack rooms for students and boarders, covered grooming stalls, riding trails, and much more! We offer group and individual lessons, classes on a variety of horsemanship and horse care, and camps as well.

We Offer Several Horse Boarding Options As Well As English Riding Lessons & Other Learning Opportunities For Every Level Of Rider

Our qualified english riding instructors are available 7 days a week for one-on-one or group instruction. Our experienced staff and lesson horses can cater to riders ranging in experience from beginners to advanced, and for those wanting to specialize in show jumping or dressage.

3 Lessons Horses Can Teach Us

At Star Ridge Stables we strive every day to learn as much from each other and our horses as we do from formal training and education.  Our whole-rider approach not only develops skills in the arena, but also in life.  Here are three lessons we’ve learned from our equine companions:

    1. Be Genuine.  We are conditioned as a society to internalize and hide things about our thoughts and feelings from our friends, family, co-workers. This leads to extreme physical and emotional stress.  Horses, however, are who and what they represent themselves to be – always.  You will meet some who are affectionate and others who are a bit cranky, but you will never have to guess what you are dealing with because all horses are authentically themselves.  They also pick up on this state of being genuine in others – this is a safety and survival trait honed over the centuries.  This is one key example of how horses teach us the importance of paying attention to others and to be healthy by always being our authentic selves.
    2. Be Mindful.
    3. We Are Stronger Together
      Did you know a horse regulates his heartbeat to be in sync with other horses in a herd? This is so they can instinctively pick up on the stress or level of alertness of the herd and respond accordingly.

"Amazing, caring, and highly skilled teachers. My daughter has grown so much as an equestrian and as a person under their guidance and mentorship. Thank you!!"

Deborah P.

"The trainers are amazing, supportive, smart, and kind. The people there are also very sweet and respectful. The lesson horses are very good working and can teach you a lot, personally I love this barn so much and I think it is a very good environment for new and experienced equestrians."

Reagan F.Student

Our Staff

Stella Prescott

Owner & Trainer

stella prescott owner trainer

Brittany Diez


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