Brittany Diez

Throughout my years of showing, I have been working in the equestrian industry. I have a multitude of experience from doing the basic barn work, to being a groom for competitive professionals, to running a number of summer camps and birthday parties, and training horses and students.

In 2016, I moved to Clayton North Carolina and dabbled in eventing and dressage to become more versatile as a horsewoman while attending undergraduate school. While working full time as a behavioral therapist and day treatment therapist, I started teaching lessons part time in Smithfield. A few months in, I was given the opportunity to teach full time for Star Ridge. Being that horses and horseback riding has always pulled at my heart strings, I jumped at the opportunity to pursue being a horseback riding instructor.

As an instructor, I utilize the therapeutic principles learned from my graduate degree to help teach students and train horses. I rely heavily on positive reinforcement (ex: verbal praise, high fives, etc) to see an increase in the correct riding skill being used and to make the lesson overall a positive experience.

Horseback riding has shaped me to be the person I am today and I look forward to being part of the lives of the future riders of Star Ridge Equestrian!