Group Lessons

Beginner I –  Horse safety, Grooming, Tacking and Untacking, Walk, Trot with Diagonals, Steering, Parts of Saddle and Bridle, Clean Tack

Beginner II – Advance steering, Sitting Trot, Canter, 2-point over poles, Start Jumping crossrails, Additional Horsemanship, Adjust stirrups

Beginner III -Learn leads, Transitions, Ride without stirrups, Crossrail Course, Advance flat work, Take apart Bridle and put back together

Intermediate I – Polish Sitting trot and Canter,  Advance flat work example Bending, Ride without stirrups,  Start jumping 2’, Read Courses,  Know the way to describe a course.  Horsemanship example clip muzzle and bridle path, wrap legs

Intermediate II –  Understand contact with the horse.  Lead changes, Jumping 2’ solids and oxers,  Count and adjust strides, start lateral work,  jump equitation course including rollbacks, Continued Horsemanship example types of bits,  Be able to ride Medals Test for USHJA 1,3,8,4

Intermediate III –  Jumping 2’6”, Jumping gymnastics, jump without stirrups 2’,  Understand Collection, Start Counter Canter, More advance lateral work,  Continue Horsemanship example horse first aid, Be able to ride Medals Test for USHJA 14,2,11,6

Advance – Jump without stirrups 2’6”,  Jumping 3’ or above,  Riding Jumper and Medal courses, Design courses,  Advance flat work example Extension, Shoulder in,  Walk a course and know the number of strides, Continued Horsemanship Load and unload horse in trailer,  Give a muscle shot. Be able to ride Medals Test for USHJA 7,10,12,15,18


Private Lessons