Bronze Star $750

Excellent care at our first-rate facility includes feeding 2x a day, grain and hay, daily turnout (weather permitting) with fly-mask (supplied by owner), daily stall maintenance, blanketing and summer fans. Farm will schedule vet & farrier services with “in house” veterinarian and blacksmith.

Silver Star $800

The most valuable arrangement for those who like to have their mount looking  smart but do not want to do all the work. Silver includes all amenities of Bronze Star Board plus Silver Star Board gives your horse daily fly-spray (supplied by owner), monthly mane pulling and face clipping.

Gold Star $950

First-class care for those who would like to enjoy riding their beautifully groomed mount without being responsible for the upkeep. Gold includes all of the amenities of Silver Star Board plus daily grooming and 4 training/schooling ride per month.