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Cute Shoes! Caring for Your Horses Hooves

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reasons for hoof care

to shoe or not to shoe?
signs & symptoms of hoof issues
tools needed for care
how-to handle hoof-shy horses, etc.

Horse EQ: Understanding Horse Speak
So You Think You Want a Horse...? Prep for New Horse Owners
  • Find a Veterinarian & Farrier
  • Develop a Chore Routine
  • Make Sure Your Horse Is Getting Enough to Eat and Drink
  • Clean Out Stalls Daily
  • Let Your Horse Out of the Stall Daily for Exercise
  • Learn to Tell When Your Horse is too Hot or Cold
  • Establish a Shot Schedule
  • Etc
  • Have Your Horses’ Feet Done Regularly.
You Have The Horse, Now To Pick the Tack

Selecting a Saddle

Proper Fit of Boots & Helmet

Riding Clothes Selection

Offer a negotiated discount w/enrollment

First Aid for Horses

Immediate Response & Care for Common Horse Injuries


Stella Prescott
Owner and Trainer
Brittany Diez